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YOUR DOG proves that successful dog care does not have to be stressful dog care. From the first page, you'll gain know-how and peace-of mind.

Others may promise, but YOUR DOG delivers. In each issue you'll discover the steps, strategies (and secrets) to keeping your dog at his most attentive healthiest, and happiest best.

In YOUR DOG you'll find positive training techniques to accelerate and cement learning. From bolting to barking…from reengaging a dog who's bored to reassuring a dog who hoards, you'll get solutions that work.

You'll feed your dog wisely and affordably. YOUR DOG will show how to introduce a slim-down diet without giving up treats. You'll know how to start a pup off right and keep an older dog agile. YOUR DOG will sort out supplements…reveal the dangers of home-made diets…and more.

And you’ll safeguard your dog’s health with readiness and confidence. YOUR DOG offers empowering guidance for every stage of your dog’s life.  Each issue brings you ways to prevent illness, protect your dog from accidents and promote strengthened resistance and enduring resilience.


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Every issue of YOUR DOG brings you such helpful, practical guidance as…

• The yummy vegetable that could be causing your dog's cavities.
• The seven best—and safest shampoos for your dog.
• What to do when your dog's aggression is directed at you.
• 3 questions to ask before selecting a veterinary practice.
• How to tell if licking is a medical or a behavioral issue—or both!
• How veterinarians are curing, and not just treating, heart disease.
• Deciding whether spaying should be performed laparoscopically.
• How to teach your dog the difference between"down" and "off."
• Three rules for happiness when getting a second dog.

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